IGF 2021 – Katowice

In 2006, the first “UN IGF Summit” was held in Athens.
This time, for the first time in Poland, the UN Digital Summit.
People from all over the world who are interested in the proper development of IT technology.

We conducted a lecture about security for business in Mielec

The promotion of security in the reality that surrounds us is a topic that should always receive attention.
The growing amount of data already referred to as the “data deluge” will increase, having data means being able to analyse it.

Network security – phishing – Sylwia

Data and its value – Seweryn

I Meetup IT Mielec

Link to agenda (registration form):

Abbreviated agenda:

(18:00) Welcoming the assembled guests Joanna Stachowicz
(18:05) Short concert performed by a string quartet from the State Music School in Mielec – Ryszard Kusek Ph.
(18:20) Lecture – “Information Technology in the Polish industry – development and current European Funds FENG 2021-2027” – Wlodzimierz Adamski Ph.
(18:35) Lecture and discussion – “Empathy in IT” – Seweryn Stachowicz
(19:30) Lecture and discussion – “Data Lakes” – Łukasz Noga
(20:00) Lecture and online panel – “10 years of living with the cloud – what have we learned from cloud deployments in Europe and the World!” – Michał Furmankiewicz

The event was held under the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Mielec – Jacek Wiśniewski.

Digital Operational Resilience Act – DORA

Dora is the unification of rules and recommendations for the financial sector in Europe into one consolidated regulation. The essence of Dora is consistency for banks, pension funds, insurance companies and intermediaries, e-money management companies, cryptographic service providers, securities, rating agencies, etc.

ICT service providers to the financial sector are supposed to be supervised as well.

Key regulations required to meet:

-Analysis of security risks of the ICT environment

-The reporting of ICT incidents

-Perform risk-based testing of the ICT environment

-Audit the security of the ICT environment

-Conduct periodic vulnerability testing of the ICT environment

-Severe penalties for ICT non-compliance

Every company should periodically review its solutions, perform a security risk analysis of its ICT environment (just as we annually review the technical condition of our car, ventilation, air conditioning and the technical condition of our facility). Taking care of the security of your IT environment should be a habit and its scale should be adjusted to your organization.   

We assist in the implementation of the above.

Reference Materials:

Migrating a domain controller from Windows Server 2003 (broken) and Windows Server 2012 (lame) to Windows Server 2019

The migration of this domain controller required AD expertise. The entire work was carried out in consultation with the client so as not to paralyze authentication in the company.

During the migration, steps were taken on an ongoing basis to select the most advantageous migration path (whether to install the system from scratch or migrate). Throughout the process, FSMO role verification, DFS replication, DFRS replication, and service migration took place. Often need to take into account the type of applications installed and the function of the server.

The whole operation had to be done by installing a temporary 2008R2, the use of additional 2012.

Thanks to the partnership ( and good cooperation with the client, the project was successfully completed.

Feel free to contact us

Integration of Microsoft 365 with local mail hosting

The entire process combined the “365” solutions (mail, calendar and messenger) with the client’s local hosting. The solution increased the productivity of people who require international cooperation.

Appropriate configuration of services (configuration of MX redirects, adding SPF records and appropriate redirects) scaled the tailor-made solution for the client.

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