Server colocation

Server colocation is a service offered by an external entity, allowing the physical placement of IT equipment (mainly servers and disk arrays) owned by the client in a server room belonging to this entity. Devices can be colocated in the service provider’s racks by renting a specific U space, or in the provider’s own racks by renting a specific area of the server room.


Colocation may be a good solution for companies that do not have their own data centre infrastructure (server room) or the existing one does not meet the required parameters (e.g. capacity). In this case, such a service can ensure the desired level of security, availability and reliability of data and systems without the need to invest in server room space and expensive infrastructure.

Colocation also enables a quick and easy creation of a backup location for the client’s system, or even a backup data centre. However, such a model assumes the necessity to purchase one’s own IT equipment, which may be desirable due to the specific requirements of the system related to various internal procedures.

The colocation service is less advantageous and attractive than the cloud computing model, mainly due to the need to incur significant investment costs. Nevertheless, it will be more beneficial than the option of building your own data centre or even a server room itself.

We cooperate with companies that provide colocation space.

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