In today’s digital world, we all already know that a copy should be made.

1. Why you should make a copy of your data:

  • ransomware protection
  • hardware damage
  • OS corruption
  • fire
  • DC damage

2. “Rule of 3 -2 -1” ( a healthy rule for copies):

  • always have three backups,
  • use two different storage technologies (cloud, flash drive, external hard drive, tape, etc.),
  • always store one backup offsite, one offsite company or one cloud.

Recently, several large companies suffered by not taking into account all the subsections of “Rule 3- 2-1”, had a copy but in the same location.

3. Types of copies by method of execution:

Types of backup

The most common type of backup is the so called mixed mode backup, full copy made on Friday, then incremental mode – copy made from Monday to Friday. However, it depends on the type of data and the company.

4. The choice of the backup solution is not always the same, it depends on several factors:

  • the amount of data
  • how often the data is to be copied
  • what kind of data is to be secured (whether the whole OS system is to be block protected, or maybe only selected data from the file system)
  • how much time do we have to migrate data in “cold” mode (service window)
  • whether it is possible to make a hot copy
  • from which virtualizer we want to migrate
  • the direction of making copies in DMZ zones is also important
  • what budget we have in order to select a solution


It is often worth investing in backup solutions that we maintain in the cloud such as M365

An important element of storing backed-up data is securing it (encrypting with an appropriate key) in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Often in ISO requirements we have a verification point, cyclic restoration of copies.

We deal with the verification of the current copy, its restoration and selection of the best solution.


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