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Currently, competitiveness requires you to constantly improve your qualifications and your crew's qualifications.
That is why we offer the following training. We can prepare a training that will support the processes in the organization.

We work with independent people, practitioners with expert knowledge.

We conduct training in the field of:

  • Server virtualization
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Securing company data – cybersecurity
  • Organization and management of remote work with the use of available technologies and tools
  • Network administration (local and wide area)
  • Database administration
  • Managing secure data processing in distributed environments, securing databases, including encryption
  • Principles of safe remote work
  • Crisis management in the face of a pandemic
  • Remote work – risk analysis and cybersecurity
  • Safe use of remote work tools
  • Online Marketing
  • Using online marketing tools: SEO, Content marketing, Google Analytics, Display advertising and programmatic, Social Media
  • The use of tools and software supporting effective planning and implementation of online marketing campaigns (selection in accordance with the reported needs of participants)
  • Selling online marketing services
  • Designing e-commerce strategies and systems
  • Organization of sales and promotion in pandemic conditions
  • Installing and configuring systems for remote work
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